It born as a small dream that was placed in the drawer, this very special contest, because he was born small, but within a few weeks it became big.

Instead of ending with thanks, I, exceptionally, I want to start.

Thanks to Alberto’s blogThe Alberton kitchen , because he strongly believed in my crazy ideas and has added to his, allAssociazione COMET ASMME . which it has acceded to this small dream to the site NataliaCooking timeand protagonist of Saturday’s space dedicated to children in Rai Uno program Ready Steady Cook that lends itself to this first part of the project as a judge, but above all, my thanks go to the children, and now you’ll understand why.

The stars, along with mom or dad will be kids, because this unusual collection is done by them and for them. It is up to us to teach them (or learn from them) that the kitchen can be a time for play and fun, because it is full of color and flavors of many facets of healthy and wholesome products that children should learn to love because they are so … so good.

You will have already understood, therefore, that the contest will collect recipes for children, but does not end there, because the ultimate goal is to unite all together our botched the hands of more and dusty food blogger of flour to help concretely many small comets that The association called CHILDREN through Cometa ASMME . for the study of metabolic diseases. The association aims to help all families who have a child with an inherited metabolic disease, and to give voice to the voiceless. The inherited metabolic diseases are diseases that affect children usually in the first few years of life. They are serious diseases that if unrecognized cause serious physical and mental handicaps, often leading to early death.

You will want to give a voice to the voiceless? Alberto and I are here to illustrarti like.

Blogs Loaf Cream and The Alberton kitchen, launch simultaneously the contest
COMET clumsy
themed recipes for children.

From today until August 15, we ask you to make and publish a recipe that is as simple, original and fun as possible (you have to imagine that can make even a child), or a retelling of a recipe already posted. They are valid for this purpose also recipes already published, but which for the occasion will be repost. The recipe must be related to pictures of the plate with poster contest and link to this site or that of Alberto and finally, its communication to the blog Pan Panna. The realization is open to all who want to contribute and not just moms, dads or food blogger.

Once you have gathered all your recipes, you will select the most original and amusing. With these will be realized and printed the recipe of COMET clumsy and the dishes we will be introduced by some fairy tales.

The little cookbook will be presented and sold on the occasion of an event that will be organized during the Christmas period in a very special location in the province of Vicenza starring the children will have fun in culinary workshops, where they can mess with their parents, creativity workshops and healthy spaces and pure play. The entire collection will go to dellassociazione Comet ASMME

After collection, extremely available Natalia, will announce three winners who have distinguished themselves and they will receive a beautiful surprise, to her, kindly offered. The winner also will also give you a free copy of the recipe book COMET clumsy and dellevento puppet mascot.

A hand in the hearts and hands of ladles because COMET clumsy started and we are confident that even knock on your kitchen door!