Seven years ago, job change, and within a few months, I am appointed production manager. That big word … Yeah … Unfortunately, I will not be the ones who rule and just, but shall return among the leaders who do so and a bunch that almost, we do not sleep Read More


They managed to create two flavors. One is that of paninetti butter a Saturday morning I had eaten with her grandmother, the other, the fresh and exotic of an avocado eaten in Sicily. The challenge to re-create those delightful bon-bon salted butter began yesterday morning. The alarm clock struck eight Read More


For several days I’m squeezing their brains to solve the “homework to home” which has given me LO Hens 2nd life, and, as it happens to real writers, too, in recent times, I suffer the “writer’s block” . So, waiting for me back the inspiration and he can again put Read More


And Saretta, has launched its collection, and I, as a good cook, I participate willingly to his nice and sweet collection. There are so many dishes that I do for the urge to cuddle … bread and Nutella before going to bed, milk and cookies when I was just a Read More


I returned the desire to cook and above all to experience !!! Last night I really felt like a new flavor … So I opened the freezer I have in my little room dedicated to the pantry and laundry room, and I caught a nice plate of chicken legs. I Read More


I do not know how this idea came to me … sometimes I catch myself as well. But I have a mind that never stands still for a moment and then I baked this thing also. Last night I spoke with my partner GiugiĆ¹ and the fact that he was Read More

Cous Cous MY WAY

The love between me and Mr Cous Cous was born in Rome in the summer of 1995, during the prize trip for graduation, accompanied by two friends company. The meeting took place in one of the many Arab ethnic restaurants in the capital. I have very strong memories of the Read More


Ingredients (serves 2 people): N 6 round tomatoes, not too ripe otherwise they are too soft N 6 tablespoons of uncooked rice cooker N 4/5 medium peeled and washed potatoes Salt to taste Oil Rosemary Basil N 1 clove garlic pulp tomato bottled Preparation take tomatoes and empty the pulp Read More


Ingredients: 6 zucchini 10 bay leaves 250 grams of bacon or thinly sliced mortadella 200 gr sweet asiago 40 g breadcrumbs 40 g parmesan oil olive Preparation: Cut length from the sense of all the zucchini into thin slices. Boil for 5 minutes in boiling water slata. Dallacqua would remove Read More


The first recipe book of the baker, I could not dedicate it to white bread that are a big consumer. What I point out below, is not the classic recipe book for bread machines, but the recipe that I use also routinely to make pizza. The result is great, and Read More