It ‘s over … I say STOP !!!!
They ‘been a long marathon lasting several months, but the membership and your enthusiasm to offer me the recipes have hit me like a river in flood, so as to prevent me from keep pace with the update of the list.
But as promised, the long list of all the recipes that have participated in this my first and “mini-contest” is now finally complete and I am proud to present it.
Now it will only make the whole a nice PDF ordered …. it’s the least I owe you after all the work you have done.
Finally …. “symbolic winner” of this little contest was entered in the draw.
An award should be for everyone, it is for the recipe as originally published, it is for the best photography (I have a soft spot for this …), it would be for those who gave me the mountains of recipes …. in short, is a little bit for everyone, but the lucky …. or rather “tHE” ….. it is for all of Aleste pASSIONS aND KITCHEN for which start soon a nice omaggino theme Muffins …. the colorful and cute baskets silicone leads Muffins .. . …. and maybe something else!
Finally …. I close with a thank you to all and a big Besos !!!
Enjoy the collection ….. it is all for you!