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I’ll be back after a few days of silence and then run away again just for a while (not even feel my absence, but only for the fact that for a few weeks will not post) but not without leaving a new idea.
Today, I flipping through some magazines … and it seems that everywhere went mad, the next event on March 17, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.
I will not here to make a speech on Italy, first because I would not be up and second because this is still a cooking site. And then … without forgetting everything else, it seems fair to also take the opportunity to celebrate the Italian table. Do not you find? So here comes this idea of ​​collecting sunlight traditional Italian recipes.
only collect not talking, but the contest with a lot of reward.
The winner will decide with a mining and receive a beautiful cook’s apron (than long ones …. do you remember ??? I love them) hand-stitched, personalized with the name of your blog (like the one who made me Mom a couple of native ago ….) and the decoration will remember the event in question.
This time, I solemnly promise that I will do online searchable PDF, but I need your help to make it really nice. I would, in fact, that each recipe is accompanied by a photo of the city of origin (eg. Stockfish recipe with pictures of the recipe and photos of the city of Vicenza). Then, if you feel like doing even more to this collection, then, even write an anecdote or story about the dish that you propose. I undertake to update the list every day (only thing I am committed to doing in the coming weeks  so that no duplicates are made … as far as possible !!!
But it’s time to launch the collection rules “ENJOY ITALY”