But you have not seen that spring has arrived ???
But you do not just want to fill a suitcase and go on a trip?
I think about it for weeks and waiting to be able to touch a new journey, I thought to travel to the traditional recipes of our beautiful boot.
What do you think? I hope that you will be excited as much as it is me …. because now I’ll explain what I have in mind.
I was thinking of an alternative way to appreciate the culinary traditions of our provinces or cities through a swap which contains the traditional recipe and ingredients to achieve it. I think it’s a fun way to brush up on the origins of our food, through the recipe that tells of a city, a province, of their inhabitants, the products of their land.
I might even dare to ask you to send recipes made with local products, but I leave it up to you, because I realize that some, hardly can ship.
But no more talk, I want to launch the rules, that will surely make the event more clearly.
Here is the procedure of the swap of “TWO IN ONE SWAP TRADITIONS”
  • by April 25 will publish in the blog couples with sending an email to each participant containing the name and address of the person with whom it has been paired
  • sending by May 15 to just swap companion of a package containing a detailed traditional recipe not revisited in their city or region, its ingredients (with the exception of fresh ingredients that could alter the shipment) and souvenir postcard with their own city
  • construction, photography and publishing in your blog within 15 days ricevimeto, receipt recipe accompanied by souvenir pictures and postcards (those who endorse and is not in possession of a blog, can send it to me via email and I’ll take care of publication)
  • communication below with links publication
  • within one month of receipt of the last recipe, I will publish the PDF of the entire collection