I already imagine the face of those who will read and comments … … but above all … you take for a crazy !!! I think this collection very long time, even before “Il Dolce Spoons”, before Christmas, even before much more and thanks to the help of my husband; everything was ready … I needed only the “LA” to leave and to find inspiration and today, like a bolt from the blue came …, (proving that the heat knocks …)!
And so the wave crest of fashion that lately rages in the blog, which is to always launch new collections, I want to go a little controccorrente and launch, instead, a CHALLENGE !!!
How many times have you returning home after a grueling day of opening the fridge to find it …. and EMPTY? Or …. how many times have you open it and trovarvici, for example in, Solta a mozzarella and an artichoke and having to invent a lunch? Now … I do not how many times into account … The challenge that we launch, born from these unpleasant situations to us, even though we are “fantastic cooks of the web” with the full pantry and tidy supermarket model with ‘ latest technological model dough, sometimes happen to us … !!!
1. you have available the combination of only two ingredients including the following: milk – eggs – cheese (1 single type of your choice) – sausages (one single type of your choice) – fruits (one single type of your choice) – vegetables (1 only one type of your choice); are invalid combinations of two ingredients of the same type (eg. tomato + onion)
2. the ingredients chosen pair must match only one ingredient that you have in the pantry
3. Free use of: yeast – salt – oil – butter – Pepper – spices – water – -sugar wine – vinegar
4. recipe must be for only 2 people and strictly contain the three ingredients
5. post the recipe on your blog with the challenge logo
6. post the recipe to include the link to this post
7 . tell me in the comments below the recipe link

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