Seven years ago, job change, and within a few months, I am appointed production manager. That big word … Yeah … Unfortunately, I will not be the ones who rule and just, but shall return among the leaders who do so and a bunch that almost, we do not sleep at night, the workload! It went well, until, arrived a miracle from heaven … I got pregnant.
Like many mothers, I chose the family and asked for a part-time hours … kindly granted me. The problem, though, was that my part-time could not adapt to the role that I had invested up to that point … especially if the workload, rather than halve, was doubled … A season for everything well came the crisis, staff cuts, to the intolerable level of stress, the clashes between these three cats were colleagues and so on and so forth …. Moral of the story, psicolgicamente ground and physically proven, after the attack yet another thing I can not say, because it’s too embarrassing, last October, I resigned and the doctor ordered me a good care of three months to solve the problem of years, accompanied by a strict diet. Tuesday made me a list of things banned for a few months …

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