They managed to create two flavors.
One is that of paninetti butter a Saturday morning I had eaten with her grandmother, the other, the fresh and exotic of an avocado eaten in Sicily.
The challenge to re-create those delightful bon-bon salted butter began yesterday morning. The alarm clock struck eight in my head was beginning to make a summary of things to do in the morning … there were too many … prepare the dough, let it rise for 90 minutes, bake bread (for how long ???? I had no idea, outdoor Christmas decorations to make, shampoo me and Bibi returned from the night before and lunch from noon to distance runner …. Well, you …. I can sleep … 5 more minutes. … I have all the time! the five minutes became 40 and in a panic, Nico has literally butttata me out of bed to run to the kitchen to knead the bread. Ok … ok … calm that you’ll make it , I told myself. We prepare all the ingredients, 300 ml of milk, 6 tablespoons of melted butter, 1 and a half of salt, sugar 2, the envelope of yeast powder for focaccia, flour … fLOUR ???? USIGNOR MI ?? …. NO FLOUR !!!!!!!
Moral of the story, at 9.15 I was sleepy, make-up and disheveled, in the checkout line at the supermarket in the country. What a great start? When these things happen to me, I’m thinking that maybe certain things (in this case the dough with butter …) should not be made.
But I, headstrong and stubborn as a mule, have succeeded in. I baked the wonderful cakes with butter, I made garlands with lights for the exterior of the house, and I Bibi and we made the shampoo …
For avocado, however, things went much better. When approaching the lunch or dinner, and Nico is at home, I would do the same old question: “….. but what we eat good?”. So while girovagavamo among the supermarket shelves, and I told him that you had to settle for burgers and fresh salad, for once, took over the chef who is not in him, and he asked me to buy the avocado to do it again as he did eat Gianni, in our holiday in Sicily. Gianni is the owner of a small farm and caratteristo in Sant’Angelo di Brolo, in the province of Messina. He married Cindy of Basilian origin and conquered by this tropical fruit, avocados, decides to move to Brazil, a seed of this plant to plant in his edi lush orchard. Convinced that the climate medierraneo would not recreated the flavor, she was surprised when the seedling gave him the first avocados, a delicious flavor. So at the first dinner farm, he brought us the normal insalta of lettuce and tomatoes with the center half an avocado drowned in balsamic vinegar. “Try it …. will be a discovery” … and fù. Here it is not easy to find good tropical fruits, but after I documented that the avocados should not be hard, but quite soft to the touch before it is consumed, and after “spalpugnato” all those of the bank supermarket, I found one of really good, I finely chopped and seasoned with oil, salt and balsamic vinegar abbodante. We discovered that eaten with the meat, then it’s even more good and ……… saw that in our country “la boca not xè straca until he knows from vaca” (that is, six not satisfied until you closed lunch with cheese), we also tried with a sweet Asiago which highlighted all the flavors ….