For several days I’m squeezing their brains to solve the “homework to home” which has given me LO Hens 2nd life, and, as it happens to real writers, too, in recent times, I suffer the “writer’s block” . So, waiting for me back the inspiration and he can again put into words my thoughts, I throw myself into my corner of the world staff to churn out a treat and to celebrate the perfect marriage between two flavors: one of rice and that of the cod, which we commonly and loudly praised, cod.
The first time I had the pleasure to try this delicious blend was one of the many family reunions, with Uncle Paella in the kitchen and we joyfully gathered around a fresh summer feast.
Yesterday I skipped the ball to do it and I must admit with some modesty, I managed just fine. I found the perfect chemistry between the various ingredients and I want to dedicate a post to this recipe to avoid the risk of forgetting the doses that after several attempts I have perfected.
Serves 4 (preparation with pressure cooker)
1 and 1/2 cup (large) rice
1/2 cup dry white wine
3 cups water
1/2 onion
extra virgin olive oil to taste
250 grams of pre-cooked cod (or what packaged ready to eat oil is perfect and very good),
a knob of butter
salt to taste
I cut the onion and put to fry in a little olive oil.
I added the rice and made toast, and once roasted, I added the white wine and let evaporate. At this point I added all the water finally mixed and added to the salt cod.
I adjusted salt and closed the lid of the pressure cooker. From the moment it went under pressure, I turned down the heat and let it cook for 7 minutes.
Hurry all the operations necessary to open the cooker, I mixed well, and verified that the texture was that of risotto (just season with boiling water if too dry or turn on the heat and stir until completely absorbed water if not) , add the butter and parmesan added.
Serve and eat ….. very, very hot.
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