I do not know how this idea came to me … sometimes I catch myself as well. But I have a mind that never stands still for a moment and then I baked this thing also. Last night I spoke with my partner GiugiĆ¹ and the fact that he was speechless (which is impossible for her …) has confirmed to me that maybe it’s an idea out of the ordinary. For a change I proposed to work together in this initiative as a good partner and has given his consent with great enthusiasm … so now I turn to you.
I thought of Christmas … I thought to have fun … I thought about how nice it is to do something for others, and what is even more beautiful it together, I thought about the gifts and how little we know each of us every day leave comments in the blog neighbors, but which of these neighbors, which most often call themselves by the name of art, do not even know how old they are. So after a nice shecherata of all these ideas came out a crazy thing, but certainly a lot of fun … between me and Cressy.
DOUBLE the interview.
Who wants to get involved, but honestly, it does not do anything but make himself available leaving your name, email address and link of your blog in the comments to the post My or Down by December 25 and put the banner of the game in own blog with links to or Cream Delight. A collection is completed we will make the couples and notify your neighbor will blog on which we will make the questions and we will provide the questionnaire to which you must answer (will not be the same for everyone). The questionnaire will be sent with your PHOTOS !!! We will post it !!!!
Registration opened viaaaa