Ingredients (serves 2 people):
N 6 round tomatoes, not too ripe otherwise they are too soft
N 6 tablespoons of uncooked rice cooker
N 4/5 medium peeled and washed potatoes
to taste Oil
N 1 clove garlic
pulp tomato bottled

take tomatoes and empty the pulp that you need to take part with tomatoes caps to which you have removed the “stalk”;
hold the pulp of the tomatoes that you have emptied it aside in a glass bowl and we pounded into the garlic, add a few leaves of basil and well pretty well chopped rosemary;
add salt, add some oil and mix the mixture;
add 1 tablespoon of cooking rice for each tomato that you have emptied, the compound that you previously made and mix well together;
fill the tomatoes (not to the brim) with the batter, and cover with the caps of the tomatoes that you have kept aside;
put them in a high pan, shortly spaced from one another, and in the spaces that remain, put the tomato puree, salting and adding oil as if you were preparing a sughino;
take the potatoes previously peeled and washed and cut into wedges (not too thin otherwise it will “mushy”) and add them to the tomato sauce, among the “bins” that have prepared;
Put on the stove or in the oven already very hot and cook for about 40-45 minutes (for cooking, check the potatoes, cooked ones the dish is ready).
Serve the warm pot